About Us

Since 1939, these delicious, gigantic corn kernels have been bringing crunch and flavor to corn snacking in a way only CORN NUTS® Crunchy Corn Snacks can. If you’re going to eat corn, don’t pop it, don’t grill it, and certainly DO NOT boil it with other assorted mixed veggies – crunch it! On a road trip, watching the game, playing games or as you write the About Us section of a website – there’s never a wrong time to crunch on some CORN NUTS® Crunchy Corn Snacks. It’s a crunch you’ll crave with flavors to rave about!

NOTE: No tree nuts or peanuts were harmed or even used in the making of CORN NUTS® Crunchy Corn Snacks.
It’s corn. Delicious, delicious crunchy corn.